Every garment holds our story made with the finest threads of nature: cashmere, virgin wool, cotton, and silk. We have chosen to reach out to the consumer directly. Thanks to the web, every piece begins in our workshop, arriving to the client without intermediate steps. For a high quality garment at the right price.
Everything is produced in Italy with rebel precision.

We believe in the quality of a knit garment made – even today – with the expert know-how of a craftsman.
That which is born in a 100% Italian workshop.

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We are made for women who think that a true rebellion is being themselves.
Follow us and we will tell you about the excitement behind the creation of each model.


vesti il colore che sei.
Incoraggia la libertà d’espressione!


We visited an ancient artisan printing shop where gold dust, graphite, and ink gave shape to this capsule collection.

Three colors for a line of material garments reflected in the wide pants, short-sleeved shirt, and belted vest.


Our idea for precious moments

is a jacquard with inserts that shimmer like the stars.

Our Ferramosca Magazine

Stories, tips and news for living in rebellious independence.

This time we talk about:

Materia – our new precious capsule